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Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Derby
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Kentucky Kentucky
Lat: 38.204025   |    Lon: -85.772064   |    Ele: 456 ft   |    Current weather: ° and (see monthly averages)
Kentucky Kentucky

Held annually in May, the Kentucky Derby race is an unforgettable experience.

Held at Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky, "The Kentucky Derby" is a horse race competition. The grandson of William Clark (1/2 of The Lewis and Clark expedition) saw horse races in Europe which motivated him to raise enough money to build Churchill Downs. It was built on land donated by his uncle. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. liked to throw extravagant parties and wanted the racetrack to host the city's most fashionable residents. The first Kentucky Derby had 10,000 people in attendance. There were 15 (3) year old thoroughbreds raised 1.5 miles away and the winning horse was "Aristides" ridden by Oliver Lewis. Some felt that the race was too long and it was reduced from 1.5 miles to 1.23 miles and is still the same today.

Typically held on the 1st Saturday in May, it is called "The most exciting 2 minutes in sports" or " The fastest 2 minutes in sports." The first time it was aired on the radio was in 1925. On local television, it was broadcasted in 1949, making its debut on national television in 1952. One of the many traditions at The Kentucky Derby began with the winning jockey receiving a bouquet of roses. Now the winner is draped with a blanket of roses. Fashion has always been important at The Kentucky Derby because the founder Clark wanted to improve American racetracks to attract an upscale crowd. In the 1960s, the tradition of wearing fancy hats to The Kentucky Derby was in full swing.

If you would like to attend The Kentucky Derby, look into these 5 aspects to help you with your first visit.

Lingo: Learning some of the lingoes will enhance your appreciation during your visit to understand racing terminology.

Parking:  With 150,000 people come to "The Kentucky Derby" so you can imagine the hectic parking situation. Show up early, be patient, and plan on some costs depending on how you arrive and where you park.

What to wear: There are all sorts of outfits and fashion and it is up to you what to wear personally but you will see people dress up and some dressed casually plus lots of fancy hats.

The Scene: There are suites, rooms with sit-down meals, and general admission tickets, the latter option being the most affordable.

Gamble: There is so much to see and enjoy, and bets can be placed online to make it easy for newcomers.

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