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Brenham Heritage Museum
Brenham Heritage Museum
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Texas Texas
Lat: 30.167566   |    Lon: -96.39607   |    Ele: 338 ft   |    Current weather: ° and (see monthly averages)
Texas Texas

Once a post office in downtown Brenham, Texas, this is now a museum to learn about the history of the county before and after the Civil War.

The building that houses The Brenham Heritage Museum was once a United States Post Office. The building itself is amazing and could be a masterpiece itself. It is superb! In 1991, the Federal Government no longer needed the Post Office, and the historic building was given to the City of Brenham to use as a museum. A non-profit was established, some history collections were acquired, funds were then raised, and the museum was up and running soon after. The first population base for the city was when 300 families came to the area along with their slaves and started the town of Brenham. Not much happened in the area during the Civil War, in fact, most people here considered it an eastern affair. After the Civil War, the Union sure knew that many Confederates had come Brenham, Texas. It was largely occupied and was burned many times because of the bad blood from the war, which lasted a long time. 

Before and after the Civil War, many German immigrants came to Texas, settled in Brenham and they brought their traditions with them. One of the traditions that is still celebrated in Brenham today is the Mayfest, which celebrated the planting. Now it is more about pageantry instead of agriculture with gowns, crowns, and awards given on pedestals. Mayfest has been going on in Brenham for 130 years now. When the German immigrants came to Texas they started new businesses like banks, agricultural companies, and retail establishments. Inside the museum is the history of the town, some of its traditions, artifacts are displayed, and items collected from residents and relatives of those that were involved in the war are showcased. There is a National Cash Register circa 1900 that is unique for its time. It had a wood base with a locking money drawer for each of the cashiers. A slice of marble was mounted on the wood in front of the register to detect whether or not coins were indeed precious metal. Different metals made different sounds so the cashier could tell if a coin was real or fake. There are uniforms, replica uniforms, and guns that can be seen at this museum. One of the pistols that they received and displayed is from a relative of a soldier that fought in the war. The pistol is in such good shape that it was thought to be a replica, and it had to be authenticated. It is definitely the real deal. 

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