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Tips on meal preparation for camping

By Mallory Corbett |
Tips on meal preparation for camping
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When planning a camping trip, one of the most important things to consider is food. There are many things to think about in the planning stages, such as how much food you will need, how you will keep it cool, and how to cut down on prep time once you reach the campsite. Today, we will be providing tips for meal planning so you can make your camping trip a success. Cooking three meals a day in the outdoors is no cakewalk, so do yourself a favor and make preparations before you even start packing. 

Always remember that cooking will take longer when you’re dealing with the elements. Make sure to check your propane stoves before you go so you won’t run out of propane while you’re cooking. If you’re using dutch ovens, bring coals and other special equipment like gloves with you. It is a good idea to test out your dutch oven cooking skills before your trip so that you can get the hang of it all. Doing this will also give you an idea of how long your meals will take to cook. A pro tip is to purchase dutch oven liners to make clean up a breeze after your meals. 

If you’re roughing it, bring plenty of firewood to cook your meals over a campfire. Along with hot dog sticks, consider getting griddles, pie irons, a portable cooking grate to hold pans, and cast iron skillets to up your game. These tools will help your food cook more evenly. Line your pie iron with tin foil to make cleanup simple and easy after every meal.

Now on to the fun part, planning out every meal you will need for your trip. To begin, give yourself some easy meals that don’t require a lot of dishes. For example, breakfast on the last morning of your trip could consist of cold cereal, yogurt parfaits, or overnight oats. You could have deli sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, or tacos in a bag for a quick lunch or dinner on the first day. Consider writing out your meals on paper to know what ingredients you need to buy. Lists are always helpful, so stick to your list at the grocery store.

As you look over your meal plan, take note of the foods you can prepare before your trip. For example, you can precook all of your raw meats, so all you have to do is reheat them for those meals. Premix dry ingredients (such as pancake mixes) and label them to decrease the number of kitchen utensils and measuring cups you may need.  Wash all your produce and chop some of them beforehand if possible. In the weeks leading up to your trip, you can do your food prep a little bit at a time. This kind of preparation will reduce your stress, so you aren’t hurrying to finish everything the night before the big trip.

On the day you leave, organize your food so that everything you are eating first is at the top of the cooler, and everything you’re eating last is at the bottom. The same rule applies for RV fridges; stick the things you will use immediately at the very front. Keep all condiments in one area and use containers to separate snacks for easy access. This method will also keep your items fresher for longer since you won’t be rummaging through trying to find the thing you need at that moment. Be sure to have a secondary cooler designated just for drinks.

Be on the lookout for a future article that will go in-depth about essential kitchen tools and supplies to bring on a camping trip. Camping is a great way to escape from the demands of everyday life and soak in some fresh air. We hope you will go out and enjoy at least one relaxing camping trip this year with your friends and family members.

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    Matt Cashatt a moment ago

    Great article! Campfire cooking is very fun. Invest in good cast iron cookware and take care of it. Do not use soap to wash. Just salt and water, rinse thoroughly, and then dry completely before storing!

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