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The Ideal Guide for a Weekend in St. Augustine

By Shannon Alfes |
The Ideal Guide for a Weekend in St. Augustine
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From its pristine beaches to its charming and historical downtown, St. Augustine is a perfect place to spend a weekend getaway. The Nation's Oldest City is steeped in history, and there are plenty of ways to explore it. For example, you can visit the Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fort that was built in the 1600s, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the cobblestone streets. There are also plenty of great shops and restaurants downtown, as well as a lively nightlife scene. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, you'll find it in St. Augustine! Keep reading to find out how to make the most out of a trip here.

Explore the Iconic Historical Sites

Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in St. Augustine. Built in the 1680s by the Spanish Empire, the fort has a long and rich history. It was used to protect the city from attacks by pirates and privateers, and later served as a prison during the Seminole Wars. Today, the Castillo de San Marcos is open to the public, and visitors can explore the fort's massive walls, turrets, and dungeons. The Castillo de San Marcos is also one of the most photographed landmarks in Florida, making it a must-see for any visitor to St. Augustine!

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

The St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum offer visitors a chance to learn about the history of the area and see some incredible views. The lighthouse was built in 1874 and is the second oldest surviving structure in St. Augustine. It stands 165 feet tall and has 228 steps leading to the top, where visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the city and its surrounding waterways. The museum is located in the Keeper's House, which was built in 1876. It contains exhibits on the history of the lighthouse, as well as a variety of maritime artifacts. Visitors can also climb to the top of the Keeper’s House for an even better view of the area. The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum are a must-see for anyone visiting St. Augustine.

St. George Street

One of the best places to start your mornings in St. Augustine is by taking a stroll and grabbing a coffee on St. George Street, the pedestrian-only thoroughfare that runs through the heart of the city. St. George Street is lined with quaint shops and restaurants, and it's a great place to people watch. The street is also home to some of St. Augustine's most famous landmarks, including the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine and the Plaza de la Constitución. No matter if you're looking to do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, or simply take in the sights, a visit to St. George Street is a must during your visit here.

Grab a Bite & Drink at Local Favorites 

St. Augustine Distillery/Ice Plant

The St. Augustine Distillery is a must-see for visitors to Florida's Historic Coast. Located in the heart of St. Augustine's historic downtown, the distillery offers a unique look at the city's rich history. Founded in 2015, the distillery is housed in a former Ice Plant that was built in 1906. The distillery uses locally-sourced ingredients to produce a variety of spirits, including rum, gin, vodka, and whiskey. Visitors can take a tour of the facility and learn about the distilling process or enjoy a tasting in the on-site bar. The St. Augustine Distillery is also home to a restaurant, which offers a menu of locally-inspired dishes. One thing is for certain, here at the distillery you’ll be able to find that perfect and unique souvenir as well as an unforgettable experience.

Harry’s Seafood, Bar, and Grille

Harry's Seafood, Bar, and Grille is a local restaurant that’s located on the historic downtown bayfront, and it offers a unique dining experience with waterfront views. The menu features fresh, local seafood, and the chef prepares the dishes with a focus on simple, unpretentious flavors. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and relaxed, and the service is attentive and friendly. Harry's Seafood, Bar, and Grille is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal with family and friends while enjoying the most gorgeous coastal views.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Anastasia State Park

St. Augustine is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida, and for good reason. The city is steeped in history, and its picturesque setting on the Atlantic coast is simply beautiful. While there are many great places to visit in St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park, located on Anastasia Island, is definitely worth a trip. The island is home to a number of lovely beaches, as well as the historic Fort Matanzas. Visitors can also enjoy kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching on Anastasia Island. If you're looking for a relaxing day by the water or a chance to explore some of Florida's history, Anastasia Island is the place to be.

If Possible, Catch a Show at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre is one of the most popular entertainment venues in northeast Florida, and it’s no wonder why! The Amphitheatre boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, a spacious lawn for picnicking and relaxing, and a spectacular view of the historic city of St. Augustine. The Amphitheatre is also conveniently located just minutes from the beaches, restaurants, and shopping of St. Augustine. Catching a show at St. Augustine Amphitheatre is sure to be a memorable experience that will guarantee you a fun night out with friends or family! 

A Historical and Fun Visit in the Nation's Oldest City

St. Augustine is undoubtedly a great place to spend a weekend. The town has got something for everyone, whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore the historic district, or shop in the incredibly cute boutiques. The food is amazing, too, and you definitely shouldn't have any issues finding an array of top-notch local restaurants with fresh ingredients! If you're looking for a great place to spend a weekend, be sure to add St. Augustine to your list. You'll have a newfound love and appreciation for this fascinating town! 

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