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Antique Car Lot, Air & Space Museum Antique Car Lot, Air & Space Museum
Antique Car Lot, Air & Space Museum
Antique Car Lot, Air & Space Museum
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Lat: 44.025578
Lon: -103.190704
Ele: 3,281 ft
Weather: ° and (more weather)
South Dakota South Dakota
Lat: 44.025578   |    Lon: -103.190704   |    Ele: 3,281 ft   |    Current weather: ° and (see monthly averages)
South Dakota South Dakota

Explore a museum full of amazing vehicles, toys, and other memorabilia.

This museum is always changing because the owners love vintage and antique vehicles, and they do all of the restoration work themselves. Bill and Peggy Napoli always have several projects that they are working on. It all began with Bill at just 9 years old when he owned a 1940 Ford pickup truck and wanted to own and operate an automobile museum someday. Bill wanted a nice museum, not just dirty old cars in a warehouse but instead a clean, bright showcase of his collections. Bill and Peggy married in 1969 and together have worked hard and have carefully restored dozens of classic cars, custom vehicles, and motorcycles. They do it all, including bodywork, paint jobs, upholstery work, mechanical work, and all of the finishing details.

Bill has worked to finish his 1962 Dodge Dart 440 Magnum that he rescued from the crusher in Pierre, South Dakota. The car was in very rough condition, but now it shines. Bill and Peggy have buildings that are comprised of 18,000 square feet total and that are filled with so many neat collectibles, vehicles, and toys. They have pedal tractors, pedal cars, gas pumps, and signs. There are many antique cars, classic cars, and motorcycles. In the museum is a 1933 Dodge Sedan Delivery that took 8 years to rebuild. There is a Studebaker Motor Home from 1925 and a Harley Davidson that is a sidecar equipped with a TV. The details in all of Bill and Peggy's projects are wonderful! It is easy for visitors to see how much the museum and the projects mean to the Napoli's. It has been the couple's passion for almost 50 years and they love all the visitors that come to enjoy the vintage autos and toys. They also enjoy hearing the many stories about the experiences visitors have had with their own restorations.

Motion Unlimited is not just a museum, as they also buy, sell, and trade vehicles and they have over 100 vehicles for sale in their vintage/classic car lot. Worldwide shipping is available. The museum is open May - October from Monday - Saturday, and it is closed Sunday and major holidays. Admission is $5 for everyone over 12 years old and that admission price has stayed the same for 20+ years. Your admission price is good for the whole year, too. That is a very sweet deal. Tip: They only accept cash! There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Motion Unlimited South Dakota Air and Space Museum, or what the couple lovingly refers to it as "Our Hobby That Got Out Of Control."


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