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Essential Camping Cookware and Supplies

Essential Camping Cookware and Supplies
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Camping can be a lot of fun, but you have to be prepared with the essentials before you hit the road. This article will go over items to consider bringing to make your outdoor cooking experience go as smoothly as possible.

A portable gas stove is an absolute must if you’re going camping. While cooking over a fire may sound fun, it can be a challenge to control the temperature of your cooking surface if you aren’t careful. Double or triple burner propane stoves are a great tool to have whether you’re traveling in an RV or bringing tents. With these stoves, you can cook multiple things at once and have everything hot and ready at the same time. Always check to make sure your propane tank has plenty of fuel before you leave.

While you’re at it, pack some pots and pans with lids. It is preferable to have a separate set of pots and pans if you go camping frequently but feel free to bring cookware from your kitchen. Find outdoor cookware sets with removable handles. This will save precious storage room because they nest neatly inside of each other. This kind of purchase will help you save room in your trunk or RV for other things, so head to your nearest camping and outdoor store for a quality outdoor cookware set.

Portable camping utensil sets are also nice to have, especially if you don’t own an RV. It also makes it easy for you to find your tongs, spatulas, and serving spoons since these sets often come in zippered bags. Some utensil sets even come with a small cutting board and a chef knife. Along with utensils, you will need a manual can opener. You may also want to consider bringing measuring cups and spoons just in case. If you are using things you already have from home, make sure to bring sheathed knives for safety reasons. These also make transportation and storage easier. You can even pack all your kitchen utensils in a small storage box. That way, you can have everything next to your camping stove ready to use while you’re cooking. Hang a trash bag near the cooking station, and be sure to dispose of trash nightly to avoid a run-in with any wildlife.

Consider having a mess kit for everyone in your group. Doing this will save extra room since you won’t have to lug around paper plates, bowls, and cups. There are various types of mess kits, so find one that suits your needs. Since you should only need to buy them once, it will save you time and money on future camping trips. Each individual should be responsible for washing their mess kit. To make this process simple, bring a collapsible sink, scrubber, and dish soap with you. Fill up a large jug with water and refill it as needed throughout the trip. If your campground doesn't have restrooms, create a hand washing station with a water dispenser jug and a simple bottle of hand soap or a bar of soap in some nylon pantyhose.

Take time at least every other night to fully the camping experience with a campfire. Bring some form of fire starter with you to save time and energy. A set of extendable roasting sticks are perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire. These are simple to store and will allow you to remain at a safe distance away from the fire. If you want to cook easy campfire meals, purchase some heavy-duty aluminum foil so the food can remain secure inside the foil packets.

Lastly, consider storing your seasonings in pill organizers and label each section accordingly. That way, you have enough for your needs during the trip without bringing your entire rack of spice bottles with you. Don't forget to bring empty tupperware containers and various sizes of Ziploc bags to store any leftovers. 

We hope this list has been helpful and wish you a wonderful camping season this summer. Stay safe and have fun enjoying time in the great outdoors with your friends and family.

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