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How to Spend Your Visit to Oklahoma city

By Shannon Alfes |
How to Spend Your Visit to Oklahoma city
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Oklahoma is bustling with history and culture that leaves you wanting more for a city presumed to be flying under the radar a lot of the time. The oil-rich state offers tons of things, such as modern museums, lavish gardens, and pristine parks. However, most of the attractions are found in the former warehouse district of Bricktown. Given the city's diverse activities, there is something for absolutely everyone. Whether you are a wine connoisseur, history buff, an art enthusiast, or nature lover, there is plenty to do in the city known as "The Big Friendly." OKC has four interstate highways that run through it, making it accessible from any direction. Today, we have compiled have ten different suggestions for you to check out during your trip to Oklahoma City.

  1. Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

This peaceful memorial is nestled in the heart of OKC in honor of the memory of victims, survivors, and rescuers of the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in April of 1995. The empty chairs and reflecting pool have become synonymous with the city, and visitors can walk through the set-up and pay their respects. In addition, they added a 40-foot glass overlook to create a seamless connection between the outside of the memorial and the museum. A visit to the landmark will evoke a surreal understanding of the globe's struggle with such events.

  1. Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo

Suppose you want a more family-friendly experience to enjoy together, in which case a visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens is ideal. After more than a century in operation, Oklahoma City Zoo is a perennial stopover for OKC visitors looking for a day in the wild. The Oklahoma City Zoo has over 500 species, including gorillas, rhinos, tigers, lions, and unusual plants from the city and other corners of the globe. In addition, the zoo has theatrical displays to indulge kids on their visits, such as lorikeet and giraffe feedings, sea lion shows, stingray touch tanks, and elephant demos.

  1. Visit the Science Museum

The Science Museum located here presents an opportunity for visitors to partake in the illustrious science-themed topics. Even though kids seem to be the primal audience, adults can enjoy various activities such as the tornado simulator. Other activities include walking a tightrope, building with Legos, and even learning to ride a Segway. In addition, the expansive spaces such as the ones at the Japanese garden are excellent for family picnics.

  1. Visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

A major compliment to the city's enormous art scope, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art focuses mainly on 19th and 20th Century art. Whereas the main works found here are European and American, the museum does entertain pieces from other continents such as Africa and Asia, as well. Everyone that visits enjoys the ingenious works such as the glasswork by Seattle's infamous Dale Chihuly.

  1. Stay at the Conestoga Wagons and Teepees

Enjoy an excursion down memory lane with a stay at the Orr Family Farm. The unique lodging offers insight into the first American wagons and teepees used by the first American natives on their way across the United States back in the day. The beautiful grounds make for a perfect family activity even in the hot summers, thanks to the unit's temperature control system that’s in place.

  1. Visit the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

As the National Cowboy Hall of fame, this museum offers an in-depth insight into early life in the Wild West. Visitors are treated to new historical materials, pictures, and sculptures with a film documentary on the cowboy tales. Children can also indulge their imagination at the Children's Cowboy Corral.

  1. A stroll in Bricktown

Once composed of red brick warehouses, Bricktown now has some of the classiest and funkiest stops for OKC visitors to have fun exploring. Visit the town's top restaurants or take a dinner cruise in the canal to enjoy some of OKC's finest delicacies with a pristine view. You can enjoy a basketball game in any of the numerous centers or go shopping in the town's trendy shops. Whether you end up visiting the American Banjo or the Centennial Land Run Monument, there is just plenty to enjoy in this part of OKC that can be the main focus of a single trip.

  1. Visit Myriad Botanical Gardens

For a perfect quiet nature stroll, visit the 15-acre gardens near the downtown center. Myriad Botanical Gardens is the perfect destination to get some quiet time in OKC. A walk in a seamless fleet of flower gardens on a fantastic sunny day is every visitor's reality upon their visit to the gardens. In addition, a children's and an off-leash dog park make it a flawless addition to your family itinerary.

  1. Visit the Museum of Osteology

A trip to this unusual museum is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in OKC. Given it is the only skeleton museum in the country, there is a unique experience to savor during your visit to the museum. The thoughtful presentation of specimens in life-like poses captures the imagination of the museum's visitors. In addition, visitors are treated to a great display of skeleton remains of the various model such as snakes, apes, kangaroos, and others with fun activities such as treasure hunts to indulge the kids.

  1. Sign up for Riversport Adventure

For those who love extreme sports and outdoor adventure, a trip to Riversport Adventure shouldn't be missed out on. You can enjoy various activities that range from zip-lining, sky slides, climbing, rafting, and kayaking when you visit the premises. So get ready for the city's wild side as you unwind with any of the memorable water games or on the tennis courts on the premises. There is truly no such thing as boredom when you visit Riversport Adventure.

Oklahoma City often goes unfairly overlooked when planning trips, because it genuinely has some incredible experiences to offer its visitors with its dining scene, museums, and breathtaking gardens. The locals are some of the friendliest you will ever meet, making you feel right at home the moment you arrive.

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