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2024 Travel Trends

By Shannon Alfes |
2024 Travel Trends
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The world of travel is always evolving, and each year there are new trends that make their way to the scene as people look to expand and improve their experiences. As we head into 2024 and find endless opportunities to discover the world around us, what will be some of the most common travel themes we’ll see? From sustainable travel practices to finding a deeper appreciation for more laid-back trips, this year's travel trends really put an emphasis on how fulfilling new experiences can be. Come along with as we uncover some of the most popular travel trends of 2024 and gain exciting inspiration for your upcoming itineraries.

Eco-Conscious Travel

Eco-conscious practices are not just a trend, they’re a lifestyle that are now becoming so much more accessible and standard within the travel industry. This is great news, and it’s even greater that so many travelers are aware and eager to make more sustainable decisions in their travels. There are so many different ways to incorporate eco-conscious practices – from opting for more environmentally friendly transportation like trains and public transportation to centering trips around doing good for the environment. Travelers are increasingly recognizing the impact of their journeys and are actively seeking ways to minimize their carbon footprint, which is always a wonderful thing. Conscientious travelers are reshaping the industry; this is an incredible approach to exploring the world while fostering a connection with the environment.

Music Tourism

Travels surrounding live music are ever increasing in 2024, as enthusiasts continue to seek out unforgettable experiences in the form of dedicated concerts and multi-artist festivals. Destinations that boast vibrant music scenes such as Austin, Texas and scenic outdoor venues like Red Rocks in Colorado continue to draw more travelers each year. The accessibility of traveling to a new destination for a show and the once-in-a-lifetime appeal of seeing your favorite artists in a unique setting has made music tourism a major trend going into 2024. This trend not only enhances the memories created wherever the music takes you, but forges connections with friends both old and new that resonate long after your journeys end.

Food-Centered Travel

Voyaging to specific places in search of delicious cuisine is nothing new, but in recent years and with the help of social media, food-centered travel has increased exponentially. With a growing appreciation for diverse and authentic culinary traditions, 2024 is shaping up to be a year where travelers are increasingly basing their itineraries around the pursuit of exceptional dishes and atmospheres. From lesser-known gems to out-of-this-world Michelin-rated spots, this trend transforms travel into a feast for all the senses. There’s nothing quite like savoring the freshest lobster rolls in Maine, soul food in the South, and practically every style of cuisine you can think of in major cities like New York and Chicago. With food-centered travel, each destination helps create treasured memories through the one language we all share – delectable food.

Small City Exploration and Avoiding Peak Seasons

While big cities will forever and always be sought-after locations to travel to, small towns and cities around the US have gained a new spotlight of appreciation. Travelers have become increasingly captivated by the charm and character smaller towns around the country possess and favor the quieter nature these places usually retain. Wanderers often feel as if they’re more immersed when in a small town or city setting, allowing them to really get a sense of the surroundings and creating a richer travel experience.

Another trend in 2024 that goes hand-in hand with visiting small towns in favor of metropolises is the preference for traveling during off seasons rather than the peaks. Peak seasons are that for a reason – they’re typically the ideal time to visit a destination because of factors such as the weather. So many places can be enjoyed just as much, if not more, during off seasons though! For one, you’ll be able to steer clear of heavy crowds, have more chances to enjoy attractions that might typically be congested, and actually get a true sense of the place you’re visiting.

Going to any of the national parks during their off season offers the perfect opportunity to explore freely and enjoy the tranquil surroundings without substantial crowds. Another major perk is the fact that avoiding peak seasons means overall costs for transportation and accommodations are bound to be way less, too! As these trends expand, it highlights a growing appreciation for aspects that are often ignored, proving that remarkable travel experiences can be found in the unassuming places and seasons.


Travel centered around admiration for the dazzling night sky has only become more popular with time. Eager stargazers are seeking out destinations around the country that are known for their crystal-clear night skies and optimal conditions for cosmic observation. Between Death Valley National Park in California, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve in Florida, and Denali National Park in Alaska, there are phenomenal spots all around the US that provide out-of-this-world views of the night sky.

Whether you dream of seeing a once in a lifetime meteor shower in a remote desert, marveling at the Northern Lights in the far north, or dabbling in astrophotography, we’re seeing that travelers are seeking out destinations where they can appreciate the cosmos in all its glory now more than ever. With the unparalleled experiences that can come with astro-tourism, adventure seekers can gain a heightened sense of gratitude for the many spectacles our universe provides us with and witness the breathtaking beauty of the night sky in some of the most amazing natural areas imaginable.

A Year of New and Exciting Adventures

Moving into 2024, it’s clear that people are placing an emphasis on enriching, experience-based travels that allow for more profound appreciation in everyday life. From the growth in eco-conscious travel to following tastebuds across the US in search of delightful new flavors, 2024 is shaping up to not just be a year of travel but a celebration of adventures, connections, and admiration for the world. With these trends in mind and a blank slate ahead of us, take on this year with a full sense of wonder and awe and see just where it might take you!

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